lørdag 29. juli 2017

Look at the reality around you, what do you see?

People can be masters of self-deception, be lulled into false perceptions about what is going on around us. Come up with excuses for others, trying to probe deep for different explanations as to why and how people act the way they do, when the answers are often right in front of us. There is not always a profound reason as to why, people are more simple and straightforward regarding their motives and wishes than we realize. Sometimes we project a hidden agenda coated with love and sincerity unto others, to ease up into the ideals we have about life and the motivations of others. 
Refusing to see he blatant reality staring us right in the face. The neptunian haze is often illusive and alluring, but do not become trapped within its confines. 

Why we do this, is often to protect ourself from unfortunate truths, some people simply do not care about you, at all. Some simply are not interested in your company or time, at all. Some have forgotten about you long ago, etc. 
So we relay and project thoughts, motives, causes and reasons to explain why, elaborate fantasies to sway us from blaring truth. Going into endless forays of self-defense mechanisms, to shelter the heart from pain. 
Breaking out the analysis machine, caught in a muddle of rumination and possible explanations to be lost in illusional delusions.
Sometimes it is necessary to forget culture, what we are trained to believe, the courteous appereance of a false promise, and to trust what is here and now, not the promised land of wistful yearning.

Most people follow their passions, wants and needs. If they truly want something, they go after it. If someone truly likes you, they are most likely to call you or initiativ contact. Life is not as complicated as we sometimes make it. The drives of the heart and mind wins in the end, people go after what they think will contribute to their subjective lives. Even though we probably cannot know
 the true thoughts and emotions of those around us, it is kinda hopeless to play the part of a criminal investigator to find clues, leads and evidence about a situation when the answer is most of the time more simple than we give credit for. Life is more simple than we often realize.

Stay grounded like the beautiful bull, and see who is sitting besides you, who is answering the phone when you call, who is there to spend time with you. Who is present in your reality, who can you see and talk to. The rest is just fodder, most people are not in your reality, altough the mind plays tricks on you to convince you that they are. Try to see reality as it is, and maybe try not spending so much time in the mind, where many falsities and conjectures spring to life. Most of the time we do not have substantial information to make an informer opinion about the supposed intricacies of others,
definitely not when it boils down to strangers or the great unknown. When it comes to those close to you, within your nearest vicinity, we can use our intuition, heart and love to know and feel our way to truth. Because they are actually there, not just there in a fantasy region of the mind.

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