mandag 22. august 2016

Why not push the boundaries of goodness, instead of keeping up with the meaningless exploration of evil

History has proven itself to be fraught with torture, discriminnation, murder, genocide, greed, injustice, slavery and undescribable cruelty.
The limits of evil declared and acted upon, has been breached long ago. Mindless doings that causes indescribable hurt and pain, instigated to ensure power, dominance, supposed superiority and influence. 
The barr cannot go any higher, the consequences of evil has shown itself time and time again, and never bringing anything good with it. Screams, tears, hurt, pain, suffering, death, famine and illness are the only things evil can bring.

So we do we see people continuing the exploration of wicked ideas, do we need constant reassurance that the flow will somehow change, and that any good can come from what we already know is wrong. Some sort of confirmation of what is obvious, the obvious fact being that the actions spurred by hatred and cruelty will only result in misery. 
It is easy for disciminnation to evolve into exile, exile to lead into abuse, abuse transforming into murder, murder into mass murder. The seemingly mild forms of hatred quickly escalates into something far more dangerous.
When the seed has been planted, it grows accordingly, needing to be yanked from its roots. 

When record has shown all the ways possibly to induce suffering, all the tools and weaponry to inflict pain, do we really need to continue down such a road. 
Why not try to go the other way around, of goodness. A wild exploration into kindness, love, happines, to dive fully and deeply into the wonders it can bring. 
To explore goodness with wild passion, excitement, not knowing what it will bring or how it will manifest. Goodness has many more options to be felt and senses, many more ways to let itself be known as opposed to evil, which leads to the inevitable. 

Goodness can go in many unknown directions, roads that have not yet been traversed, sights that remain to be seen, emotions of joy waiting to be felt. It is far more mysterious, sensual, imaginative to find ways to love, instead of thinking of what tools can be used for torture and to inflict the utmost physical pain. 
Physical joy has a far bigger scope and range, than the limitations of physical pain. 

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