fredag 29. januar 2016

The choice of what we indulge in is always there

Sometimes we can feel like there are certain pressing causes that inhabit our minds, that steals and occupies our focus, despite knowing it only causes frustration or annoyance. 
We can choose where we let our eyes run of to, where our mind decides to run, what radio channel our ears tune into. We can choke whether to go right or left at a crossroads, turn back or walk straight ahead. By the same token we can also navigate our own experince here, to be one of more harmonic immersion. To sense where equillibrium is at its most profound, and to allow the inner guides tell us what we actually do need, and what it is okay to discard and avoid. 
You would not etter a street ripe with warnings of crime, dive into waters where there are warnings of mann shark  attacks, head outside in the middle of a dangerous tornado, or dive head first into a violent knife assault. 

In saying we do not have a choice of where we allow ourselves to be, one would be denying the existence of free will, nobody forces us to think a thought, utter specific lines, or walk in only one direct line. Unless we ourselves accept the course we are about to indulge in, we are most likely not to do it. Nobody can possess your mind and take over your brain and the signals it sends to your system, and pull the strings from within you. We pull our own strings, make our own decisions, despite being influenced by others, we cannot blame them for the free will choices we make, because the initiation to arms, was our own. 
Just like there is choice of where we buy our clothes, where we settle for a cup of coffee, what channel we watch, what food we pick our from the fridge, the choice of what we do and what we think about is also there. 
If we delve into thoughts of judgement, haughtiness, self-criticism, raging anger, or whatever it may be, no one commisioned us to allow such things to consumes our essence for a moment or longer. 

torsdag 28. januar 2016

The suspected problems we have grow in accordance to the weight we attach to them

We often come across seemingly difficult riddles in life, where we are told something mest be hastily addressed and delt with due to the severity of a situation. Convincing ourselves that the reality is grave and unforgiving, and in need of immediate change. In the process we can often lose a sense of level headed calm and serenity, residing within a whirlwhind of worry and doubt that consumes the mine it has taken as its hostage. Refusal to see the presence in a different light, and having settled with the idea that it is indeed hopeless. 

We often add several layers upon layers to our self-inflicted suffering, indulging in an expansive parade wher more apparitions of fear join in every minute to enlarge the scope and validity we want to desperately believe. Having created such a wonderful spectacle of fear, and investing so much time in its intricate construction, we often fail to take a step back and let go of the invention we have become proud to display, and trying to convince others is necessary to our daily health and well-being. A crutch to lean on when we feel attending the circus of a specific kind that revolves around the conviction of our own  troubles. We dont have to indulge in the screams for attention the pesky minions crave, when responding and giving the attention away to that which only cause irritation and grief, we have willingly given ourselves over to the bland and grey figures that corrupt our days.

The more we think about these so called difficult problems, the longer they fester, the Harder they become to shake and leave. Knowing when the time has come to let go, move on, and find other pastures to frolic in. We can always move on, and leave the worries of our mind behind, without thinking the riddles we create need a definitive answer just outside our reach. Sometimes the curios things we bullishly believe to be real, are nothing but mere figments of imagination we like to keep close due to them being so easily recognizable. Sticking to what we know, instead of manifesting new ideas that venture of into different directions. 
Step outside of the parade, and recognize a fluke for a fluke, certain things exist only if we give it oxygen to breathe and water to flourish.